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Dear diary, today I lifted some weights

What did you do last workout? What about last week's workouts? What was the weight you did? Did you hit all reps of each set? Tough questions if you didn't write it all down. If you don't know, chances are slim that you are progressing.

It's simple enough. We know we need to progress in the gym in order to keep the body adapting. So day-in-day-out we need to know what we've lifted. Even as far as what we've attempted to. Missed reps are just important to note down as successful reps.

I'm sure I don't have to go through this, but for those who might be a little confused; buy a pen, buy a pad and make a note of each workout.

The usual columns I use for my clients are:

  • Exercise

  • Reps

  • Sets

  • KG

  • Notes

Depending on the client I'm training and their training programme, sometimes a column for percentages could be used too.

That's about all that is needed. Pop whatever you feel is necessary into the notes column. Maybe you changed your stance on your squat and it felt better. Maybe the lat pulldown was busy so you went onto the seated row instead. Maybe you were feeling ill that day so didn't want to do good mornings.

Why Should I? I'm Happy With What I'm Doing

Not a problem. Carry on.

If you're not progressing, and you want to, then get on with record keeping. It's another tool to monitor progression, and helping ensure you further it.

Simple as that. Happy lifting!



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