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See what my clients say about me!

Over the years I have worked with a huge number of clients - all with different backgrounds and lifestyles, but with one goal - to get fitter and stronger. 

See what they say about training with BennyFit, and discover how I can help you
get the results you want. Let's work together on getting you strong!


Client testimonials


What my clients say

"I've been having personal training from Ben for about 6 months now and have already noticed big improvements to my physique, strength and flexibility. He's enabled me to take away detailed plans of my workouts so I can do them in my own time and regularly changes them to keep things fresh and productive. He also pays extra attention to form and posture which has helped me greatly as I struggle in these areas. Top marks!"
—  Camille
"Ben helped to improve my weights and cardio regime and bring new life into my gym and training sessions. My stamina levels increased greatly and I trimmed down nicely without losing the definition. Ben's approach is personal and he listens to what you want to achieve and creates a programme for you to get there."
—  Aaron
"Ben has been training me for a year now at Alive Gym in Brighton. The sessions are fun and effective - with his help I have improved my strength, confidence and stamina enormously over my time with Bennyfit PT. Ben is funny and easy to chat with as we are training, and we have been known to even watch the odd YouTube video of kittens during rest periods... I cannot recommend him more highly as a PT and all round nice chap!"
—  Tilly
"I can wholeheartedly recommend Ben.  I am a 50-something, overweight man and decided I needed to do something about my fitness. I've never really enjoyed sport and didn't know where to start or what I should be doing. Working with Ben for a year has made me stronger and fitter and got me doing things that I never thought that I could manage while, amazingly, enjoying it.  After his sessions I know that I've worked hard but also that I can go further and feel motivated to get there. He's a really friendly, realistic, patient guy who explains clearly what to do and what it's helping. He pushes you, but listens and tailors the sessions to suit you and what you need.  It's quite an intimidating world for a newcomer. Ben makes it feel safe and fun."
—  Mark
"Ben has been great to work with and has really helped me improve my strength in my bench press, squat and deadlift. Would definitely recommend Ben and he creates training programmes that suit your needs."
—  Alistair
" I decided to have a personal trainer because I felt that I let my levels of fitness drop back a lot. As a middle aged person, I wanted to still be able to do serious and strenuous hiking in mountains. Ben has been fantastic, supportive and sensitive, but has also encouraged and pushed me to improved my performance. I have been able to achieve far more than I could have imagined, and certainly more than I would have done without Ben. My programmes are varied and interesting, so he has kept my motivation up, and I am exercising with much greater weights than I expected. I've noticed around the gym that Ben is really good at interacting with people right across the age range. If you want more information, Ben is always willing to explain the theory underlying what he's suggesting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."
—  Jean
"Ben has sent me workouts to sunny Yorkshire and giving support over email fantastic trainer and I'm seeing great results with tone and weight loss! Top guy"
—  Hannah, online client

Be my next success story! 


I've helped so many clients over the years - and you can be next! Get in touch today to discuss your ideal training programme.

Whether it's through online training or personal training, I can help you reach your goals.

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