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My training background


A B O U T  M E

Ben Goodman, BSc

When I was young, my physique was lean - in fact, I was so skinny you could see all my ribs. I wasn't strong at this time - I wasn't able to lift the weights I wanted to, and found it hard to put on muscle. Everything changed when I qualified as a personal trainer in 2005.

I began to structure my workouts, and I began to eat a diet that would help me gain mass and develop muscle. Within 9 months I increased my weight from 58kg to 67kg and saw my confidence start to improve - both inside and outside of the gym. I continued to gain strength and muscle through regular training.

Then I discovered Powerlifting, and the improvement in my strength was incredible. 

M Y  A P P R O A C H


When I started training, weighing 58kg, I was barely able to bench press 50kg. When I got into Powerlifting I weighed in at 82kg, and bench pressed 102.5kg in my first Powerlifting competition. I squatted 162.5kg and deadlifted 190kg. These were big numbers for "old" skinny me.

I qualified as a British Powerlifting Coach in 2016.

I noticed I was gaining mass and was looking "thick" at 82kg. Considering I grew up skinny, this was strange for me. So I honed in on my nutrition, dropped 8kg and now weigh 74kg of lean mass - without losing strength in the process. 

Now it's your turn. Let me help you get strong, and stay lean. You will get strong - really strong - if you work with me as your personal trainer. 

My training style will give you physical and mental strength that will empower you. I will explain the science and background behind training in a way you'll understand, helping you make the right decisions about exercise and nutrition.

You won't train 6 times a week and eat 10,000 calories a day like many magazines tell you to. Because, that's plain wrong. You'll end up gaining fat and getting injured. So let me help you!

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Get the results you've always wanted


Contact me today and I will get started on getting you strong!

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