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6 pointers to help your confidence in the gym

Want to hit the gym?

That’s awesome.

Feeling a bit anxious about hitting the weights area?

Totally get you.

It is really intimidating. I still get intimidated. There are big peeps in the gym, lifting all sorts. But, don’t fret, they are often more concerned with either lifting their weights, or looking at themselves, which is all good.

Try a couple of these things to help bolster that confidence:

1. When joining a new gym, ask to be shown around. Explore the gym on your tour, make a mental note of the location of things.

2. On your first visit, stick to some really comfortable things- just get on a treadmill at walking pace. Every visit get closer to the weights area. Every step closer is progression.

3. Most super strong, buff looking peeps are genuinely so friendly. A nod or a smile to them will often be returned. They are humans just like you and me! Even if they seem superhuman.

4. Know gym etiquette, it goes a long way with staff, new gym members, and old gym members. Most of it is common sense, but most of it doesn’t happen often. Go here for a comprehensive list of unwritten laws of the gym:

5. As a newbie, you might want a cosier environment. It would be worth doing a bit of research for your chosen gym. Independent gyms, not chain gyms, will most often provide such an environment. Normally staff are walking the floor, and don’t often have to hit ‘numbers’, whereby they aren’t pestering you to train with them. They are often there to help, and not sell their training.

6. Not necessarily confidence boosting, but certainly a helpful tidbit; when choosing a gym, consider the convenience of it. Sometimes even though the gym round the corner might not be ticking many boxes for you, the convenience of it may outweigh that. Remember, consistency is key, so convenience can be a big factor in that.

7. I *highly* recommend choosing a good PT. A good PT will not only make you feel confident about attending the gym in general, but also confident you’re doing everything correctly. They should have a plan written out for you, that you can do without them there too. Check out my blog post on how to spot a good PT.


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