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The good morning

The good morning is a posterior based exercise. Not just a greeting.

The reason I like to use it for those who low bar back squat (which I will now refer to as a squat in the rest of this) is that it teaches the lifter to hinge, allowing the chest to angle forward on the descent, and it teaches the lifter to drive their back into the bar on the way up, which can help strengthen the typical sticking point of most peoples’ squat.

Watch the full video here.

Although the squat is a knee based movement, because of the low bar position, the hinge is much more exaggerated than in a high bar squat, where there is little-to-no hinge pattern.

The good morning teaches the lifter to break at the hips and the knees, which can help those who break mostly at the knees.

This movement also helps lifters allow their chest to angle forward, which is thanks to the hinge. If you are to hinge, your torso will follow suit and your chest will come forward. I find those new to the squats don’t like to let this happen, so this can show them how to do it.

Lastly, it helps the lifter strengthen the typical sticking point of the squat. Usually roughly a third up this can really stick in the ascent of the lift. Use the good morning to teach you to feel the bar in your back, drive it into the bar, and shoot your hips under as early as possible. This cueing should help you in your squat.

I hope all of this had made sense.

Thanks for reading and/or watching!



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