BennyFit is proud to offer online training to get you strong and healthy!

Save money, workout on your own schedule and follow your very own bespoke programme to get YOU to YOUR goals.
Get strong with the knowledge of BennyFit writing out your workouts for you every week, making sure are safely and effectively progressing.
Stay healthy with our recommendations for nutrition, and reach your full potential.
After your free consultation, if you decide to train with us, a mock routine will be put together for you to go through based on your ability and your goals.

Ideally you will get some video footage (where possible) of you going through the mock routine. This is important as we can then critique your form, and if required, change your routine to suit you better.

When you sign up with us, you receive a 40+ page booklet on everything we advise.

You will also receive a bonus booklet on nutrition and supplementation. These cover all the basics, and will help you on your amazing journey with us.

You will have email and facebook support 24/7 for up to 3 questions per week.

You will be booked in for check ins each week, for up to 20 minutes, where we see how you're getting on, and you can ask any questions.

You will have video instruction of every exercise we set you with our ever-expanding YouTube library.

You will get recommendations on your nutrition, with different methods for different peoples personalities and goals.

Online training is 250 upfront for 8 weeks.

Once you have completed 8 weeks, you have the following options:

- Once a week check-ins which costs 30 a week
- Once every 2 week check-ins which costs 25 a week
- Once every month check-in which costs 20 a week

You will default to once every 2 weeks, however, we will advise you on what will be the best option for you based on your experience, your ability and your discipline. Ultimately it will be your choice though.

Let's get started

Now, let's fill out the application and get the ball rolling!