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I offer one-to-one training at Alive Gym in central Brighton, UK. You don't need to join the gym to train with me.
Click for: Online Training
Online training is available if for whatever reason one-to-one training isn't viable.
Click for: Pilates
Every Wednesday at 8pm I teach Pilates at Alive Gym, contact them here if you want to book in. Non-members £7, gym members £3.
Save £15 with BennyFit
Book 3 sessions and save £5 each one
This offer only applies to those who have never trained with me before. If this is you, then take full advantage. Take up 3 sessions before the end of 2017 and you can save £5 each session, saving yourself a total of £15. Quote PT15 when contacting me. Find all my contact details at the bottom of the page.

Personal Training with BennyFit

Feel the Benefit
If you have come with the desire to change your eating habits and exercise routine for the better, then you have come to the right place.

I specialise in fat loss, muscle gain, posture improvement and making sure you enjoy your workouts. I am proficient in teaching compound lifts like the squat, bench press and the deadlift. I am also an accomplished Pilates instructor, teaching one to one and classes.

I work out of Alive Gym, located in central Brighton where there is a large variety of equipment available for your training needs.
Book for a 1 hour initial consultation and mini-workout to get started. In your consultation we will go through goal setting, your current fitness routine and fill out forms that are required for health and safety purposes. Then we will complete a mini-workout, so you get to see how I work. After our consultation we can decide what to do from there if you wish to carry on training with me.

Personal training sessions are booked in one hour blocks. I normally recommend to see me at least once a week to ensure progression. If restricted for time, you may request 30 minute sessions.

For a full list of prices, click
here .

What to expect

I provide you with bespoke exercise routines to get you to your goals, specifically tailored to your ability.
Record keeping of every single routine you do, emailed over for your reference and mine, so that we know you are progressing and so that you know exactly what to do when you are by yourself.

Detailed instructions, pictures and videos are provided where needed.

I also give nutritional advice, as well as calorie and macro recommendations when appropriate.
Paired Training
Training as a pair means you get to motivate one another and it works out cheaper.
Video Analysis
Feedback using video analysis of your movement patterns where necessary. This will help you with the execution of particular movements, reducing the chances of injury, as well as making you more efficient and getting the most out of the exercise.
Fully Qualified
I have certifications in the following: Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer, Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Level 1 Powerlifting Coach, Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mat Pilates and Pilates on the Ball, Spin, Boxing Padwork and Fitball Trainer.
Most importantly with my training, you will enjoy yourself!
I will tailor the routine, not only so that it is still providing results,
but also so that you enjoy it. There are many tools in the gym and many
of them are fantastic, but if you don't enjoy using some of them and
aren't motivated for their use, then why bother setting you a routine
you aren't motivated for?

Let's find a routine that you'll enjoy and get results from!

If you’re still unsure, then click
here to see my testimonials page and see what others have to say about BennyFit.

Train online from £20 a week

Benn-E-Fit Online Training

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£20 per week

Basic programming package includes the following:
- Initial assessment
- Weekly programming
& training log review via email
- 24/7 Email support
- Access to my library of exercise videos and instruction
- Optional calorie/macro recommendations upon request

+ £2.50 per week

Add form checks for:
- Fortnightly checks on a maximum of 10 videos
- Ensures you are executing movements safely and efficently
No sign up fees. Money is debited monthly from your account. Upgrade for form checks adds to the basic price per week. Cancellations/upgrades require one months notice before they can take effect.
Pilates is performed slowly and methodically. It focuses around the core musculature. Because most of our  movements start from our core, it should be in everyone's interest to strengthen this muscle group. It will benefit you in all other aspects of fitness from running to lifting.

8pm Wednesdays @ Alive Gym

It is suitable for all levels and is particularly useful for those with back problems. It has a lot of movements that help to support the back.

Because of my background in strength training, I apply this in my Pilates class and you will get a unique approach to Pilates and get stronger in a much more efficient manner.

Book by contacting Alive Gym here .